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Zheng Shan Xiao Zhong

Lapsang Souchong

Year of crop 2019
  • black
  • €8.00 | 50g
  • China
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€8.00 1kg=160.00€


€16.00 1kg=160.00€

150g  (-5 %)

€24.00 | €22.80 1kg=152.00€

250g  (-10 %)

€40.00 | €36.00 1kg=144.00€

500g  (-10 %)

€80.00 | €72.00 1kg=144.00€

1000g  (-15 %)

€160.00 | €136.00 1kg=136.00€


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About product

"Lapsang Souchong", Red Tea smoked above pine wood is a traditional, manually processed speciality from Wu Yi mountains in Fujian province. The infusion has a pleasant and strong, smooth, delicately smoke taste with dried fruit tones. A typical and desired scent of pine wood and needles of this Tea is fully represented and it creates a harmony with a top-quality Tea which is achieved only by authentic traditional method of procession.

Cheap imitations of this favourite and precious Tea have the typical smokiness excessively strong and it completely overwhelms any other scents or tastes of this Tea.


Tea Quantity 5 g
Water Quantity 200 ml
Water Temperature 100 °C
Infusion time 20s, 30s, 60s, 90s
Number of iInfusions 3 - 4
Caffeine content Normal
Tea Quantity 5 g
Water Quantity 0,5 L
Water Temperature 100 °C
Infusion time 2 - 3 min.
Number of infusions 1 max 2
Caffeine content Normal