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Tibetian Jin Jian Tea 2002


Year of crop 2002
  • pu erh
  • 1ks
  • China



About product

Pressed Tibetan tea from 2003. Excellent for further storage and maturation, but also for immediate sipping. Four individually wrapped smaller bricks of 65 grams each. Traditional design and style.

Pressed form of Tibetan Kangzhuan Jin Jian tea. Kangzhuan tea is a well-known type of Tibetan tea, which is produced according to traditional Tibetan recipes and ancient technologies in the Yaan tea manufactory in Sichuan province.

The leaves of this tea are harvested at an altitude of over 1200 m in the misty mountains of Yunwu Shan. The entire production process takes 5 years, during which it undergoes up to 32 different maturation and fermentation methods. Kangzhuan tea contains more than 500 kinds of medicinal organic ingredients.


Tea Quantity 5 g
Water Quantity 200 ml
Water Temperature 100 °C
Infusion time 15s, 30s, 45s, 60s, 120s, 300s
Number of iInfusions 5 - 6
Caffeine content Low
Tea Quantity 5 g
Water Quantity 0,5 L
Water Temperature 100 °C
Infusion time 3 - 5 min.
Number of infusions 1 max 2
Caffeine content Low