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Pu Erh Shu Meng Hai 2017 Fang Cha


Year of crop 2017
  • pu erh
  • 1ks
  • China



About product

High grade ripe puerh (shu) from a young company from Meng Hai.

A dark red infusion of pleasant, full-bodied, very smooth and mature flavour with nutty and woody notes, nicely settled on the finish. A premium recipe using carefully selected maoches with an excellent resulting quality. Sourced from Meng Hai, Xi Shuang Ban Na. Pressed into the shape of a brick (Fang Cha).

The brick is pressed into a mould divided into nine smaller cubes. Each small cube can be used to make up to two litres of delicious tea. Beautiful design packaging. 81 grams.


Tea Quantity 5 g
Water Quantity 200 ml
Water Temperature 100 °C
Infusion time 15s, 30s, 45s, 60s, 120s
Number of iInfusions 4 - 5
Caffeine content Low
Tea Quantity 5 g
Water Quantity 0,5 L
Water Temperature 100 °C
Infusion time 3 - 5 min.
Number of infusions 1 max 2
Caffeine content Low