Payment and shipping

Personal offtake

Personal offtake orders are to pick up after receiving a message, in our specialized shop at Radlinského ulica 24/C in Bratislava during opening hours. The packet must be picked up up to 5 working days otherwise the order will be cancelled.

Shipping of orders

We ship ordered goods as fast as possible, no later than 5 working days after receiving the order via Slovenská pošta. Delivery time of Slovenská pošta is usually 2-3 working days. In case that the order is beyond our store reserves, the delivery may be 14 days. In this case we will contact you for your confirmation of extended delivery of your package.

Types of shipping

Payment and shipping for Slovakia:
- Packeta / Slovenská pošta - Home delivery - 6 Euros
- Shipping orders over 100 Euro to Czech Republic, Austria and Hungary – is free of charge
This sum includes postage, packing and cash on delivery.

Re-shipping of the order

If you are not to pick up your order because of your causing, we will send it again on your request, but you will suffer the re-shipping expenses. In this case we send the order after the payment of the sum of the increased invoice to our bank account.

Types of payment

For packages in Slovakia it is possible to pay as following:
- cash on delivery, via Packeta / Slovenská pošta
- card or cash at the personal pickup

Shipping to abroad

The conditions are similar to those for Slovakia except for this:
- The minimum order for abroad is 20 euros.

The postage follows the price list of Slovenská pošta.
- the price of 2nd class letter - World Letter
- the price of 2nd class parcel - World Parcel

In case of parcel over 1kg we will contact you via email about the real price of the order and shipping depending on weight of available items and wrapping material and we will require the approval and confirmation of the delivery.

The package will be sent after confirmation and receiving the payment in EUR or CZK to our Euro or Czech crown bank accounts listed in the invoice made in corresponding currency.