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Kagoshima Matcha Saemidori - 30g

Year of crop 2023
  • matcha
  • 1ks
  • Japan



About product

Premium organically grown Matcha from the Kagoshima region made from the Saemidori cultivar. The Saemidori cultivar is especially popular for its sweetness and umami taste.

With his years of experience in organic tea growing and processing, Mr. Sakamoto gets the most out of his tea leaves. The rich umami taste is also due to the organic fertilizer he has been developing for over 30 years.

He is able to set up his new gyokura production line so that the leaves are gently steamed using the asamushi method and dried to resemble modern Tencha processing as closely as possible. From this Tencha, after removing the veining, he makes his Matcha teas by grinding them on granite stones.

Matcha can be said to be produced in the 'ancient way', as it used to be before the development of the 'tencha-ro' kiln currently used to dry Tencha material.

The Matcha is packaged in a metallic bag with a zipper that allows convenient opening and closing.


Tea Quantity
Water Quantity
Water Temperature
Infusion time
Number of iInfusions
Caffeine content Normal
Tea Quantity 1-2 g
Water Quantity 80 ml
Water Temperature 80 °C
Infusion time Whisk the tea with chasen
Number of infusions 1
Caffeine content Normal