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Huang Jin Gui

Golden Osmanthus

Year of crop 2023
  • oolong
  • €9.00 | 50g
  • China
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€9.00 1kg=180.00€


€18.00 1kg=180.00€

150g  (-5 %)

€27.00 | €25.65 1kg=171.00€

250g  (-10 %)

€45.00 | €40.50 1kg=162.00€

500g  (-10 %)

€90.00 | €81.00 1kg=162.00€

1000g  (-15 %)

€180.00 | €153.00 1kg=153.00€


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About product

Fantastic tea from renowned mountain region An Xi. Its origins are younger than Tie Guan Yin ones – not until 19th century. According to the legend, the first bushes were given by a Taoist to newly-weds from Yan and Wei families which is considered to be a very generous and good gift.

The tea has bright gold colour, marvellous taste and mainly the taste “reaching the sky.” The tea leaves are processed by Tie Guan Yin technology, but the sort is different, leaf is softer and above all smaller (they are not “heads of dragonflies” anymore but rather smaller balls). The tea is strong and flower, but not only this – you can find in it also mountain herbs, forest strawberries and caramel sweetness.


Tea Quantity 5 g
Water Quantity 200 ml
Water Temperature 100 °C
Infusion time 60s, 30s, 60s, 90s, 120s
Number of iInfusions 4 - 5
Caffeine content Normal
Tea Quantity 5 g
Water Quantity 0,5 L
Water Temperature 100 °C
Infusion time 2 - 3 min.
Number of infusions 1 max 2
Caffeine content Normal